Design Consulting

In an increasingly complex market, good design is simply not enough.
Each day consumers are becoming more intelligent and more informed about the products they are willing to buy.
They are naturally drawn to products which have clear brand identity designed into their DNA.
That means creating intelligent products designed and constructed with integrity and quality, while at the same time providing emotion and pleasure through form, details, color and material to the end customer.
But that’s not enough, today’s consumers are constantly demanding more from their products.
Our goal is to provide a level of design to our clients which takes into consideration the critical element of brand identity and brand positioning while at the same time emphasizing the importance of real and smart design.



For each brand we conduct an in-depth analysis of the ideal placement of the product in both its domestic and international markets, in terms of both economic and trend positioning.

Brand Analysis
In the next step we identify and define the brand’s DNA, its core values, its culture, its image and its lifestyle

Final Customer Analysis
In the end we focus on the analysis of the current and potential consumer of the brand, on the analysis of his or her socio-political-economic values, on consumer habits and on overall lifestyle tendencies.



Color is a key element to the success of every collection. Color can evoke pleasure and express emotion.
Color can also provoke shock as well as distaste. In accessories, color can be one of the deciding factors in a purchase.

Understanding the importance of the choice of color palette, each season we conduct an in depth study regarding which colors are right for our clients in terms of the trends, market placement, brand positioning and target customers.



We are constantly researching and developing new fabrics, leathers, and hardware, thanks to the close, long term relationships we maintain with our suppliers both in Italy and Asia.

Being in the heart of Italy also gives us the privilege and possibility to be part of the latest developments from the world’s finest leather tanneries and fabric mills, as well as the know how to negotiate the best prices and obtain the most flexible minimums.



Today’s trends do not come exclusively from the catwalks, but are a result of a mix of global factors which include social, economic, and political movements, technology, design, music, art, and of course street culture
Each season we put together in-depth trend reports tailor made for each client, which are not just based on what is going on in fashion, but take into account the larger global picture, which ultimately will influence consumer behavior.


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